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~The idea was born during treating low thyroid hormone level = extreme dry skin~                     

Real health and beauty should be on the inside and the outside. Established in 2015, in New York City, USA, "La IRIDE ~skin recipe~" prides unique product line that combines food nutrition and high quality, natural skin care products. 

After meeting as friends in 2012 New York City, Asako Miyashita, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and Yumi Vignoli, skincare consultant, believed in combining healthy eating habits and pure, organically infused skincare products ti create a unique company within a vast market. Asako analyzes dietary nutrition requirements for general health and skin, and Yumi formulates recipes based on the nutrition analysis for variety of skin types and problem areas. This new way of thinking about health and beauty is what allows La IRIDE and its products to stand out among the competition, we thing about the overall health of out customers.

All products are specially formulated with sustainable harvest, and are fair trade or environmentally compliant, pure and natural ingredients. Offering a variety of products including: oils, toners and scrubs, we want to make people healthy on the inside and outside by including quality dietary suggestions on the back of all our unique skin care products. It's through eating nutrient dense foods and using out "La IRIDE" the skin recipe that healthy skin and a sound body come together in balance. 

At La IRIDE, our philosophy is "beauty is made of both what foods you eat and what products you use for your skin. We recognize this, and it's La IRIDE's mission to create products using pure and natural ingredients to improve your skin health, while resourcing ecologically and environmentally sustainable materials, all to have our products to be "food" for your skin. 



Asako is a registered dietitian nutritionist and offers nutrition counseling and lectures for various medical conditions. She holds a Master's degree in Health and Behavior studies, Nutrition Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. She teaches people how and what to eat on daily basis but is always interested in skin care. She was looking for skin care products for her dry skin due to low thyroid hormone levels but knew that eating nutritious foods was not enough to keep healthy and beauty skin. once she used Yumi's products her skin condition improved. La IRIDE was born after Asako approached her to create nutrition based concept for skin care.       You can find some recipes from her website : www.asakonutritionsalon.com   Sister shop (vegan cookies!) in Japan "Sweet Oblige by Asa & Lisa." 

Yumi Vignoli